Available Schnauzer Mixed Puppies For Sale Serving PA, MD, NY, NJ, DE, RI, VA, WV, CT and Washington DC for over 40 years! Myla is an 8 month old German Shephsky with the most beautiful blue eye ever ? Great with dogs and cats. I have adopted a Schnauzer Chihuahua mix. This long-legged guy loves to, Squirt is just below a year old he is super friendly gets along with anybody. Last Updated: December 14, 2020 | 13 min read. She was surrendered by her family after a, Luna is young and immature but sweet and not aggressive. Bullet is a petite guy full of hugs and kisses, Bruno is a sweetheart! As a mix, your Schnauzer will generally take on some traits from each of their purebred parent breeds. She is almost 4 years old and around 65lbs. Back to Photo. Possibly, Curr, Hound, pitbull...Really just a cute, With a heavy heart I am looking to re-home my baby, Bentley. Schnauzer Labrador Mix Hunde Welpen. Click on a number to view those needing rescue in that state. He is a fun. PLEASE READ MY REQUIREMENTS. The Labrador Retriever was bred to be both a friendly companion and a useful working dog breed. FLOR WILL BE EUTHANIZED IF, I adopted Eowyn and her litter sister as puppies, and over the past 3 years she has gotten into 7 fights with her. She is still looking for a very committed perfect forever home!! I am very, Meet Little LuLu! Bad with other dogs & occasionally growls at children. He is good with other dogs and ... Schnauzer mix. The Bowzer is a mix between a Schnauzer and a Basset Hound. Mauzers usually bond very closely with one person, and may not be the best option for those looking for a companion for the entire family. The are current on their shots and has been, Approximately 9 month old 45 lb mixed breed fixed female dog. Weighing in at just about 25 lb he. We pulled this precious face from animal control right before she gave birth to 11 puppies! He is afraid of people he doesn't know until he gets to, ne year old, 50 lbs. The Siberian Husky has a strong-willed but friendly demeanor and combined with the inquisitive yet cautious Schnauzer, you’ll have a dog that will keep you on your toes for many years to come! This pup should be provided with kind but firm training to develop a well-behaved dog. WE HAVE TOO MANY REQUESTS, THANK YOU! Not only does this fellow need a new name, he needs a new home. I get along, 4 year old black mouth cur looking for a new home. In addition, each breed comes in several colors of coats, so the mixed Schnauzer-Lab could be any range of color and coat-style. A sweet, cuddly girl that nearly mastered potty training. My owner was moving and couldn't take me. I was rescued from Highlands County Animal Services. He, Carrie is a pretty, brindle lady. Meet Reina, Sweet girl who had a rough life She was probably used as a bait dog because she has no teeth. This mix is the result of a Mini Schnauzer and a Havanese cross-breeding. Given their often wiry, low shedding coats, this mix may be a hypoallergenic option for dog lovers with allergies! Rescue Me, RescueMe.Org, and the paw logo are registered trademarks of WO. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment! Find out about training, behavior, and care of Miniature Schnauzer dogs and puppies. 2 yrs of, There are 2 small dogs one is brown male and the sister is white they are joey and sofia They about 5 pounds each, Sweet Fiona had a rough start in life. He's a good boy, who is perfect, Has been a good dog for most of his life. I love Schnauzers!! So Hank is a lovely dog. When he meets a new dog, he, Need to find a home live on a mini farm and dog is not good with other animals needs to be a one dog owner great, We rescued him January 2020 after he was dumped in our neighborhood. This breed is extremely devoted, which sometimes can manifest into protective and even aggressive reactions if they sense you are in need of defending, even if it’s just from your amazon delivery woman. The schnauzer is one of the most popular breeds in the world. We adopted him about 2.5 years ago from a local, Etta is a ten-year-old terrier mix currently being fostered in Manatee County, FL. Baby Girl will be incoming to rescue on 2/9/21 and will need a foster or foster-to-adopt home when she arrives. She is very sweet, loves other dogs, is good with cats, and loves to be, Little Pepper is currently nearly 8 weeks old. House and potty trained. He takes time to warm up to, Tawny is 3yrs old 10lbs. The Snorkie is very eager to please and can be easily trained if given the right motivations (typically some yummy treats!). The owner gave him, This sweet petite boy is nothing but love, fun, zoomies, kisses and hugs. FLORIDA ADOPTIONS ONLY 80 MIKE RADIUS FROM MIAMI. Woof! The Schnug loves to be your little shadow and is a great option for those looking for a faithful lapdog to absolutely adore them. This lovable breed is both playful and cuddly and makes a wonderful family companion. There was an illness in my family and they brought me here. Needs space to run. This tiny dog can weigh between 3 to 15 pounds, but there’s a lot of personalities packed into that little body! He found himself in the kill shelter when his owner died. Check our New Years' baby, Rockwell ChiPoo (Chihuahua Poodle) He is lively and fun on walks but quiet and well, Ollie is a very sweet and energetic 3 year old 7 pound nugget looking for his new beginning. Please meet Maze. Yvette is a young spayed female mix pup. Regardless of the varying sizes of this hybrid, the result is a friendly and affectionate companion who will bond very closely with their family. Meet with Schnau-Tzu! She is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet. She gets along great with other puppers of most sizes, but has a high prey drive. Expect a life span of 10 to 15 years. He was surrendered by his family earlier this week. The Sniffon gets along well with children and other dogs and makes a great family pet! She is around 24 lbs, around 8 months old, Hi! They are both playful and gentle, making them a suitable companion for both older and younger children alike. She loves going bye, This post is going out with a prayer that one special angel will save this sweet Gal !! He is a 4 year old, 14 pound Chihuahua Pug mix...a Chug, with the cutest underbite! Meet, looking for home for pumpkin she is very loving and sweet nature. The Miniature Schnoxie is a spunky mix between a Miniature Schnauzer and Dachshund. even though she had this All the training tips, product reviews and discounts we can find, sent straight to your inbox every week. She is such a sweet animal with people. Lexi is a absolute love bug. She came, Cinnamon was adopted by owner a little over 5 years ago. She's 2 years old and weighs 55 lbs. I'm Hank! This breed is a popular show breed, and comes in several different colors. In the proper environment with room to roam and a dedicated owner, the Border Schnollie will be devoted, loving and bring joy to the entire family. This dog loves to explore and should be given plenty of opportunities to sniff out their outdoor surroundings. Hello! Lab mix Miami-Dade County, homestead, FL ID: 19-07-05-00121 sweet Addie was found roaming homestead with a 4 lb tumor on one of her mammary glands. Male. Chuckie will be, Here is... Zeus. He needs an active owner and/or a high, Axle is a very sweet boy who loves walks, going on adventures, and cuddles. This pup is also intelligent and active, meaning they will require adequate mental exercises as well as lots of physical activity to feel happy and well-balanced. I am very, Hi! All rights reserved. Love, love, love him and I never imagined having a small dog at all. This mix will be extremely intelligent, almost to the point of seeming like it’s not smart, but that’s just the stubbornness of the breed coming through. He is 11 and loves giving hugs (if he initiates it). Find Schnauzer dogs and puppies from Illinois breeders. She is crate trained and likes to chance toys in the yard, Penny is an adorable 6 month old girl. I am house trained but I, Sweet Molly! Yorkshire Terrier and Schnauzer (Snorkie) In addition to having an incredibly cute name, … **WE ONLY DO HOME VISITS FOR ADOPTIONS NEAR BROWARD & PALM BEACH COUNTIES** New Chiweenie Chihuahua Dachshund, MEET MASON...HIS WISH IS TO HAVE MOMMY AND/OR DADDY TO GIVE HIM ALL THE LOVE AND AFFECTION AND ATTENTION HE YEARNS. I have a fantastic Schnauzer mix, Schnauzer & Italian Greyhound. These pups are barkers, and if someone comes to the door that they don’t know, they will be vocal about it! They are especially well behaved around children and make great family pets. I currently have a 3 year Schnollie (rough collie/mini schnauzer) he is 70 lbs and the cutest fluffy butt on the planet! It is an urgent call. Adopting a Schnauzer mix will likely improve the longevity of your pet by avoiding the health issues of a purebred while avoiding the price tag that comes along with it. Miami-Dade County, Miami, FL ID: 21-01-24-00372. The Miniboz is a small dog produced by breeding a Schnauzer, mixed with a Boston Terrier. English Pointer mix and an incredibly sweet girl! Luca is an older gentleman who was picked up as a stray; he is very mannered and an attention-seeker. I'm a 35 lb., 6 month old female Dane mix and I am a gorgeous, Holmes is my name and playing is my game! Is the Sniffon the perfect apartment dog? Reina is now accepting applications for adoption!!! UTD on all shots, spayed, micro-chipped and has no fleas. This instinct for the hunt should be monitored around other small animals or off-leash activities outdoors. While the Labrador doesn’t typically vocalize, the Schnauzer can be quite vocal. The Siberian Schnauzer is a Siberian Husky mix between the Husky and the Schnauzer. I was rescued from Highlands County Animal Services. He is approx 2 years old, current on vaccinations, neutered, Luna is a sweet and gentle tri-pawed dog. Let’s take a look. She is around 3 years old and weighs 50 lbs. She is 55 pounds and current on all vaccines, spayed and chipped. He was found 7 weeks ago at the FEDEX compound in Ocala. You’ll get a pup with lots of personality and some great looks to boot. 3 years old & weighs around 50lbs. It’s also possible that your mix will end up with blue eyes from the husky parent. Get one! Don’t make that mistake with the Schnau-Tzu! Unsure about, Hi my name is Archie ! Because of its affinity for the family and lower grooming requirements (despite having a longer coat), the Schnauzer has become a very popular parent breed for several “designer dogs” which are breeds that have been created out of two purebred parents. She came to us with skin that needed extra TLC and is healing beautifully. This tiny bred has no idea how small they are, a common quirk of many Chihuahuas and their respective mixes, who are notoriously bold and charismatic. Not good with cats or small animals,due to. Crate trained, house broken and almost fully leash trained. The Schnese will demand much of your attention and will not do well in a home where they are not treated as part of the family or neglected for extended periods of time. Adorable looks and mentally! He is a 5 year old, 69lbs Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Will need more than a few, Please meet Huckleberry. He, Meet Hass! Grew up with a mini schnauzer who was like a brother to me. He has been happy to meet a, Seeking a forever home for this absolute lover of a dog. I was picked up as a stray by Animal Services and then I came here. Yet, once playtime is over, a Snorkie will be more than happy to cuddle up in your lap and give you all the affection one could want. My caretakers describe me as a loving cuddle bug. She is shy ... loves other dogs.. best in. I love to run and go on bike rides. Combine the two and you’ll have an intelligent mix who craves both physical and mental stimulation, with destructive consequences if either is ignored. The Labrador Retriever is an amiable dog. He is a very sweet boy but prefers a home, He is a sweet kissy face that is a chill dude. He loves to play with toys, go for walks, and meet new people. Due to their emotional intelligence, intuition, and devotion to their owners, the Schnese can be a wonderful emotional support or therapy canine to those who need it. Martha May is a ten-year-old, 90-lb German Shepherd mix currently being fostered in Sarasota, FL (Sarasota County). Ginger is an 8 month old lab/vizla mix. Also loves to run around outside and, BEN AND JERRY are a senior bonded pair. Geburtstag: 11.08.2017 Birth: 08/11/2017 Wurf: 10 Welpen Brood: 10 puppies Farben: schwarz, braun, weiß, grau Colors: black, brown, white, gray Rasse: Boxer Labrador Mix Buddy is, See Francie's video here too, link under her pic! Very sweet temperament Will probably need, You don't have to go all the way to Boston for Fenway! She is a playful, energetic, beautiful pup who we believe to be about a year old. QUINCY is an EXCELENT ball player...to the point that we think he will excel at flyball or another sport that, Penquin is a fantastic young guy! He walks great on, We had an incident with her and small dog in house. She loves attention and is very affectionate! A Schnauzer and Lab mix pup might be the right fit for your home if you’ve got an outdoorsy lifestyle so they can burn off energy every day. I'm Kihan! My name is Opal and I am a gem of puppy! Eva was, Please meet beautiful Clyde! Due to their small size and fragile bodies, we don’t recommend this little breed for families with young children. I was rescued from Highlands County Animal Services. Snooki is 2 in a half years young. He’s got the classic schnauzer beard and gives lots of schnauzer sniffs! Krissy is an adult spayed female mix. She seeks attention from humans when in her foster, This pretty little girl is Daisy. I am 2 years old and weigh 33 lbs. WE PROVIDE, 4 yr old male. They are problem solvers and quite agile, making them capable escape artists if the opportunity presents itself. There are obviously many different options for Schnauzer mixes, and we’d encourage you to check out your local no kill pet shelter before spending the money at a breeder. Fudge is almost a year old. While the Schnorgi can adapt well to apartment living, they have quite extensive energy reserves and need to be properly exercised regardless of their environment. They are also an active mix that does best when provided with ample exercise. This breed is smart and active, requiring ample mental and physical stimulation to lead a happy and healthy life. This is something people who live in apartments or in close proximity to others should consider. Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search. Quick facts: - Chocolate lab mix - Zoe - 6/7 years old - Spayed - Dog has not been associated with other pets, Hi! This medium-sized dog usually weighs between 15 and 30 pounds with the distinctive Dachshund body, although the Miniature Schnoxie’s legs may be a bit longer. This pup is very smart so training should be simple as long as fun, positive reinforcement is used! Doesn't she have the sweetest eyes and cutest smile. She has, Tucker will need to be match with an other dog so he can play. He is a handsome 3 year old black Dachshund mix! The Labrador Mix is not a purebred dog. This remains true for the Schnorgi, an adorable mix between a Corgi and a Schnauzer. I am 3 years old and weigh 20 lbs. I am 6 1/2 years old and weigh 56 lbs. He is. This mix might be a frequent barker, which should be considered if you live in close quarters. He made it to 16. This love bug loves meeting new people and can't wait to find his, Buddy was abandoned by his owners at a high kill shelter in Alabama. When they are done exploring and playing, the Schnocker loves to cuddle up next to you and show you endless amounts of affection.