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She will head the party’s slate of candidates that include Village Clerk Cathy Aparo and … sizes: [[728, 90], [970, 90], [970, 250], [300, 50], [320, 50], [320, 100]] }, function(bids) { } sizes: [[300, 50]] dfm.api("data","subtitle", ""); slotID: 'DFM-adPos-sponsor2', dfpAdUnits["interstitial"] = googletag.defineSlot("/8013/",[1,1],"DFM-adPos-inter").defineSizeMapping(dfpBuiltMappings["interstitial"]).setTargeting("POS",["interstitial"]).addService(googletag.pubads()); }, Once payment has been verified you will immediately have full access to The Daily Reporter. Esta foi a palavra que norteou a reunião entre os quatro presidentes das Câmaras Municipais do Litoral Norte realizada na manhã desta quarta-feira(03) na sede do Legislativo de Caraguatatuba. return "phone"; dfm.api("data","quantcast", "p-BdLLmNP313cFc") As vagas estão disponibilizadas dentre as previstas no decreto nº 8.412/21, que limita a conceção […], Para conseguirem o auxílio, os atletas da cidade poderão usar resultados dos anos de 2019/2020 A Prefeitura de Ilhabela informa que em breve, será divulgado o período de inscrições para o Programa Bolsa Atleta de Ilhabela. }); 'User ID':'' siteCode: 'MNG', } } analyticsClearVPV = function() {} ; } } if ( typeof AdLayersAPI === 'undefined' || ! }, By Keilyn Henneberry, Gotsu Senior High School . if ( !results[ 2 ] ) return ''; name: 'FP', ( function getParameterByName( name, url ) { sizes: [[728, 90], [970, 90], [970, 250], [300, 50], [320, 50], [320, 100]] dfm.api("data","articleTitle", "'"+doctitletext+"'") } else if( RegExp( "ipad" ).test( userAgent ) ) { }, Arlington Career Institute's Court Reporting program is online. AIR Online - Legal Database is a conceptualised product introduced by All India Reporter (AIR) Pioneer in the legal fraternity. Tot ce mișcă în România. debug: false, name = name.replace( /[\[\]]/g, "\\$&" ); Klicken Sie einfach auf die Region Ihrer Wahl und lesen Sie den gesamten Reporter Online. | } BOYS BASKETBALL: Plymouth Whitemarsh clinches share of league title for 1st time since 2018, Upper Moreland presses the issue to get past Springfield Twp, Judge rules Republican Tenney won last open US House race, Tax forms help reveal extent of unemployment fraud in US, Pennsylvania governor signs $912M pandemic relief bill, Nurse faces charges, lawsuit for alleged sex assault of woman at East Norriton rehab center, Morning Briefing: Forecasters predicting snow to blanket the region; Local restaurants still facing the major pinch; PIAA talking about football changes, Winter storm nets 1,000 local 911 calls as snow continues to fall in Montgomery County, Montgomery County reports 131 new coronavirus cases, one death, Montgomery County records 3 coronavirus deaths, 274 positive cases over 2-day period, Montgomery County official chides social media users for sharing links to vaccine, Super Bowl ads aim to comfort and connect, Boscov's Berks Jazz Fest rescheduled once again, now set for August, The Weeknd vows to tone it down for his Super Bowl show, Rock Music Menu: ‘My Black Is’ online series launches to observe Black History Month, With ‘Mank’ and ‘The Crown,’ Netflix dominates Globes noms, 'Ludicrous': Rep. Omar on some in GOP comparing her to Rep. Greene, Self-proclaimed 'dating coach' charged in Capitol riot, Biden says Trump shouldn't get intelligence briefings, 6 killed at processing plant after liquid nitrogen leak, Large fire damages New Jersey amusement park, January 28th Upper Perkiomen School Board Meeting, Statement from Upper Perkiomen School Board President Melanie Cunningham, Comment by Upper Perkiomen Schools Superintendent Allyn Roche, Pennsylvania’s Election Infrastructure and Law, Biden dogs to make appearance during Puppy Bowl, Transition, defensive effort send Archbishop Wood past La Salle, Huskers host Iowa on Black Friday among other changes in revamped 2021 Big Ten schedule, Former Bobcat Travis Jonsen heads to Super Bowl after navigating season on Bucs practice squad, Husker Extra Podcast: Another busy offseason week for Husker football — and hoops is back to work, Illinois football games against Wisconsin, Penn State rescheduled, Sen. Bob Mensch: Wolf budget is like the film 'Groundhog Day', Upside Down: Shake your booty, change your 'moody', Christine Flowers: Some sex-abuse claims don't deserve to be heard, Editorial: Don't make Pa. abuse victims wait any longer, Elizabeth Olsen prefers housework to partying, Rita Ora doesn't want her creativity to be 'limited to one department', John Stamos: It's very difficult to self isolate away from my son, Your COVID-19 Vaccination Questions, Answered, Los avances en las pruebas genéticas dan esperanza a personas con enfermedades raras. name: 'NXT', '//'; || ( '0'.charCodeAt( 0 ) <= charCode && charCode <= '9'.charCodeAt( 0 ) ) dfpAdUnits["Cube1_RRail_ATF"] = googletag.defineSlot("/8013/",[300,250],"DFM-adPos-cube1").defineSizeMapping(dfpBuiltMappings["Cube1_RRail_ATF"]).setTargeting("POS",["Cube1_RRail_ATF","cube_1"]).addService(googletag.pubads()); settingsKey: 'NORCAL,LANS' ,//example: “BANG, EBT’ dfm.api("data","gadomain", "") adServer: 'googletag' window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [] ; }) ; WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden laid out his case Friday for moving fast to pass $1.9 trillion in coronavirus relief, but even as he ope…, NORRISTOWN — Just days after a slow-moving nor’easter brought significant snowfall to much o…, Just a few years ago, car subscriptions looked like the next sure thing. var dcatValue = DetectDevice( navigator.userAgent ); }, You are here: Acasă. Also covering Business, Technology, Sports, Movies, photos, live news and breaking news from India. { publicEventHandlers: { ( 'a'.charCodeAt( 0 ) <= charCode && charCode <= 'z'.charCodeAt( 0 ) ) var dockeywordstext = document.getElementsByTagName('meta')['keywords'].getAttribute('content'); sizes: [[300, 250]] È già disponibile la guida eno-gastronomica 2021 edita da Reporter. return "tablet"; .setTargeting('page', ['homepage']) Participe do nosso site enviando um vídeo, foto e o fato que você vivenciou. Caraguatatuba; Cidades; Cultura; Destaques; Educação; Esporte; Geral; … googletag.cmd.push(function(){ var dfpAdUnits = {}; googletag.pubads().enableSingleRequest(); Real Reporter Online. slotID: 'DFM-adPos-article', }, } 'Publisher Domain':'', var gads = document.createElement('script'); .setTargeting('rurl', ['']) Etapa I de vaccinare, cea în care se imunizează medicii este aproape de final, iar autoritățile au pregătit deja etapa a doua. dfpAdUnits["mobile_adhesion"] = googletag.defineSlot("/8013/",[300,50],"DFM-adPos-mobile-adhesion").defineSizeMapping(dfpBuiltMappings["mobile_adhesion"]).setTargeting("POS",["mobile_adhesion"]).addService(googletag.pubads()); $('.new-search .btn-link ').html(''); dfm.api("data","sectionId", "") Além de Caraguatatuba, as cidades de Taubaté e Guaratinguetá reuniram esforços e também contribuíram para […], A Prefeitura de São Sebastião, por meio da Secretaria de Turismo (SETUR), realizou a restauração do letreiro do ponto de selfie instalado na Rua da Praia, no centro da cidade. dfm.api("data","contentId", "") apstag.fetchBids({ version: "mng", ReporteRsis an R package for creating Microsoft Word and Powerpointdocuments. 'ga_ua':'UA-61435456-27', Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. In Evergreen Park, Mayor James Sexton is retiring after 20 years in the role he was first elected to in 2001. Repórter Online Litoral, Caraguatatuba. if( RegExp( "mobile" ).test( userAgent ) ) { O campeonato, que foi realizado na última semana de janeiro […], Desde 2012 a FPS encontrava-se inapta para realizar qualquer evento de surfe no Estado de São Paulo O juiz da 5ª Vara Cível de Santos, Dr. José Wilson Gonçalves, determinou a intervenção judicial, na quinta-feira, dia 14 de Janeiro (processo digital 1108072-60.2020.8.26.0100), na Federação Paulista de Surf (FPS) e indicou um administrador provisório. Sign In New subscriptions require payment before the account becomes active. return "phone"; dfm.api("data","abstract", "'"+docdescriptiontext+"'") sizes: [[300, 250], [300, 600], [300, 1050], [160, 600]] } 'Taxonomy5':'', .setTargeting('adtest', [adTest]) version: 'mng', onConversationDetermined: function (eventData) { Liminar concedida nesta terça-feira (02/2) dá prazo de 60 dias para que o Estado de São Paulo dê início às adequações sanitárias e de ventilação […], O vereador Marcos Kinkas (PSD), esteve na manhã desta quinta-feira (04/02), reunido com os representantes do Sindicato da Construção, Mobiliário e Montagem Industrial de São José dos Campos e Litoral Norte. var adTest = getParameterByName( 'adtest' ); How about the Super Bowl with a side of blizzard? containerId: "GTM-NFD2QGD" //google tag manager container id }, if ( ! } else if( RegExp( "android" ).test( userAgent ) ) { O novo projeto, formulado pelo Vereador Felipe Gomes (Republicanos), manteve o objetivo de fiscalizar as ações do Executivo. }, { Basta enviar através do Whatsapp: A criação de 13 leitos de UTI por parte da Prefeitura de Caraguatatuba na Casa de Saúde Stella Maris foi fundamental para ajudar a Região de Taubaté a mudar da Fase Vermelha para a Fase Laranja do Plano São Paulo. gads.src = (useSSL ? var doctitletext = doctitle.innerHTML; }, Com o recebimento deste novo lote, a partir de segunda-feira (08/02) será iniciada a aplicação de doses nos idosos acima de 90 anos (cadastrados no Plano de Municipal […], Ação conjunta pede que seja feita reserva do insumo Ação ajuizada na última sexta-feira (29/1) pelo MPSP e pela Defensoria Pública do Estado pede concessão de liminar que obrigue o município de São Sebastião e o Hospital das Clínicas local a comprar cilindros de oxigênio em quantidade suficiente para atender às demandas de pacientes com […], A Prefeitura de São Sebastião, por meio da Secretaria de Saúde (SESAU), informa que, a partir de terça-feira (02), iniciou a vacinação contra Covid-19 dos profissionais de saúde da rede privada, como clínicas médicas, clínicas odontológicas, farmácias, laboratórios e locais similares.